My Weekly Grocery Deals - 5/23/2010




California Strawberries 16oz – 2/$3


Sweet Corn – 4/$1


Artichokes – 2/$1


Pillsbury Brownies Mix 13.3 to 20oz - $.99


Zweigles Natural Casing Pop Open or Skinless Texas Brand Hot Dogs or Whites 1lb - $2.49 (Limit 2)




Sweet California Cherries - $2.49/lb


Romaine Lettuce, locally grown - $1.49/lb


Red and Green Leaf Lettuces, locally grown - $1.49/lb


Heinz Ketchup 40oz - $1.49


Money Saving Tips for the Kitchen


  • Throw your sponge in the dishwasher with a load of dishes every few days.  This will sanitize it and you’ll get an extra week or two of “sponge life.”
  • Turn off the drying cycle on your dish washer.  When the load is done, just open the rack and let the dishes air dry.  Easy way to save on your electricity bill.
  • Reduce your paper towel usage by keeping plenty of dish rags on hand.  Get in the habit of cleaning up spills and messes with your washable rags and you’ll cut down on waste and expenses at the same time.


Drug Store Shopping This Week – 5/19/2010



It was another great week for freebies at CVS this week.  $.33-$.34 Dawn and Puffs was a great deal too!  The puppy training pads were an impulse buy.  Total mistake, my puppy just wants to eat them.  Live and learn!


$9 Papa John Pizza

Lately Papa John’s has been running a special where you can get an unlimited topping pizza for $10.  Today I got an email advertisement for two large two topping pizzas for just $9 each.  This is a better deal for those who don’t like a ton of different toppings on their pizza.  Just use promo code: 51810.  This offer expires on 6/1/2010.


My Weekly Grocery Deals - 5/16/2010




Zone Perfect Classic Nutrition Bar 1.76oz - $.99

        (-$.55 coupon from Sunday paper 5/16/2010 doubled) = FREE


Jack Daniel’s BBQ Sauce, Original No 7 Recipe 19oz - $2.19

        (-$.55 coupon from Sunday paper 5/16/2010 doubled) = $1.09


Pepsi Cola 12 pk/12 oz cans or 6 pk/24 oz bottles – 4/$10


Chef Boyardee Pasta with Meat 14.5 to 15oz - $.79


Wegmans Elbows 16oz - $.69


Wegmans Cranberry and Grape Juices and Blends 64oz - $1.99


Sweet Corn – 4/$1


Strawberries 16oz – 2/$3




KC Masterpiece Barbecue Sauce 18oz – 2/$3 (Wegmans Price: $1.89)

        (-$1 coupon from Sunday paper 5/9/2010) = 1/$.50


Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing or Farm House Originals 16oz - $2.99

        (-$1 coupon from Sunday paper 5/16/2010) = $1.99


New Puppy

I apologize for my lack of posts this week.  We have a new addition to the family -- a 9 week old chocolate lab.  Needless to say, she's been a handful trying to get her used to us and teaching her good puppy habits.  I hope to get back into the swing of things next week with many more Rochester NY deals and bargains.  If you're a pet owner, I also hope to bring you lots of ideas about how to get inexpensive pet items.   Thanks for being patient!


Half-Price Frappuccino

From May 7th to May 16th, visit your local Starbucks from 3pm to 5pm and you can get a half-price Frappuccino.  This Starbucks offer is to promote their new “Create your Own” Frappuccino.  I’m super excited because you’ll now be able to get soy Frappuccinos which is great for those who are not “lactose-friendly”.


This is what $19.06 in Groceries Looks Like

I took advantage of the 3-Day Sale and the $1 coupon doublers at Tops and was able to get all this for $19.06.  If you like Tostitos, I found a pad of coupons at my Tops good for a free jar of Tostitos salsa when you buy two bags of Tostitos.  When you combine that with the Buy One Get One Free sale on Tostitos, you can get two bags of Tostitos and a jar of salsa for $3.99.  Not a bad deal!


Drug Store Shopping This Week – 5/6/2010



I had a coupon from the CVS Coupon Scanner for $4 off any Stayfree product that I got about a week ago.  The price of the Stayfree was only $3.99, I decided to pick one up since it would be free.  Little did I know that the Stayfree was also producing a $2EB.  So in addition to the free Stayfree, it also payed for one of my boxes of cereal!  Love getting free stuff!


Celebrate Cinco De Moe's

Celebrate Cinco De Mayo at Moe's with their $6 Wednesdays.  Good price for huge portions!  You also get free chips and salsa with every meal.  If you can't make it today, don't forget that this deal is good every Wednesday.